Sony ist angeblich sehr wohl für mehr Crossplay


In einem Interview mit Game Informer, stellte sich Sony America Chef Shawn Layden gegen die Behauptung, die Firma blockiere Crossplay. Demnach sieht man ja bei “Fortnite” und “Rocket League”, dass es ganz gut funktioniere. Zudem müssen Publisher und Entwickler damit einfach nur an Sony herantreten und man werde einen gemeinsamen Weg ausarbeiten.

“We got to that place in Fortnite and it seems to be going reasonably well, from what I can tell. The Rocket League light up will happen soon. People keep saying, “Why doesn’t Sony allow more people to have it?” We’re open for business on this one. All it takes is for publishers and developers who wish to permission it. As ever, just work with your PlayStation account manager, and they will walk you through the steps that we’ve learned through our partnership with Epic on how this works. I don’t believe right now there is any gating factor on that. I think they’re open to make proposals, because the Fortnite thing worked pretty well.”

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