“Shazam!” knapp 2 Stunden lang, wird Seven Deadly Sins beinhalten


W├Ąhrend eines Q&As (via ScreenRant) verriet “Shazam!” Regisseur David F. Sandberg, dass der Film ungef├Ąhr 2 Stunden lang werden wird. Zudem lie├č Sandberg durchblicken, dass die Seven Deadly Sins einen Auftritt haben werden. Wie sie in die Story eingebunden werden, verriet er dabei aber nat├╝rlich nicht.

“I think, I mean obviously these guys have read the comics, they know that the Sins are going to be some way involved in the story. But without revealing exactly how they’re integrated into the storyline, you know I would that that’s probably as close as what James did with the Trench to really let David flex, you know, that kind of… to build those sequences that are scary and cool.”

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