Mehr Staffeln und Filme im “Expanse”-Universum möglich


In einem Interview mit Screenrant redete der Co-President von Alcon Entertainment Andrew Kosove über “The Expanse” und dessen Zukunft. Demnach meinte er, dass neun Bücher davon existieren und deswegen auch gerne neun Staffeln davon drehen würden. Desweiteren würde er auch gerne Filme im Universum von The Expanse sehen.

Was meint ihr? Wollt ihr 9 Staffeln sowie ein erweitertes Universum von The Expanse?

“So, there’ll be nine books. The simple answer is that we’d love to have nine seasons for the nine books, right? The truth of the matter is that the world that Ty and Daniel have created is so rich, there are lots of different ways that Alcon will explore this. One is to continue on Amazon [for]as many seasons as they’d love to have us. I think if this show’s fanbase continues to accelerate the way we’ve seen over the last year, for the next couple of years, I think that the idea of doing something in the feature universe is something that we’ll consider very seriously, and maybe we’ll can get movies in the world of The Expanse.”

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