Der Prinz aus Zamunda – Sequel wird PG-13


In einem Interview mit CinemaBlend verriet Schauspieler Eddie Murphy, dass das geplante Sequel zu “Der Prinz aus Zamunda” ein PG-13-Rating (quasi FSK 12) erhalten wird. Der VorgĂ€nger erschien hierzulande zwar auch unter dem FSk 12 Banner, war in den USA aber R-Rated (adult situations/language, nudity).

“I think what happened was, there was a period when Hollywood was on some PG-13
 that’s how you reached most audiences. And there was, maybe, a 15-year period where that’s all everybody was doing. So I got caught up in that shit. But no, doing [Dolemite], we went, ‘This movie has to be rated R because of the way Rudy Ray Moore was.’ But I’m doing [the sequel to] Coming to America, and that’s PG-13.”

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