Bill And Ted Face The Music’s ursprüngliches Ende sollte düsterer sein


Co-Drehbuchautor Ed Solomon hat kürzlich in einem Interview mit Collider enthüllt, dass das ursprüngliche Ende des Films deutlich trauriger sein sollte und man sich letztlich für eine andere Version entschieden hat:

“Our first draft that we wrote in 2010, the ending of the movie was really small. We had a scene at the beginning where 20 years ago they had put $100,000 down to rent the Rose Bowl for their triumphant 20th Reunion Tour, and when we meet them in the movie when it opens they have sold literally zero tickets. We had a scene where they went to negotiate with the guy to try and get their money back and the guy was like, ‘No, you’re stuck’. The whole movie was moving towards this ending, and the guys were thinking, ‘Well obviously it must be at the Rose Bowl. Obviously we’re gonna fill the Rose Bowl with this triumphant song, we just don’t know how.’ And the whole movie happens like it happens [in Face the Music], they go into the future, their lives get worse and worse, and they arrive at the Rose Bowl and it’s empty. There’s no instruments there. It didn’t happen. They failed. And they go home and they sit down in their living room, and you’re like one minute from the end of the movie. And they realize they failed, they feel like they failed, and then they hear music coming from the other room and they walk in and they look and see their kids and they realize it was never them, and the movie’s over.”

Auch bei den beiden Hauptdarstellern Keanu Reeves und Alex Winter kam das ursprüngliche Ende wohl nicht gut an, Solomon erzählte weiter, beide nannten es “sort of a bummer.” So entschied man sich letzten Endes für eine andere, positivere Version.

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